3 Essential Confidence Boosting Tips

May, 23rd 2022

by Kim Myles

We’re taught standing up straight, smiling, or looking someone straight in their eyes shows confidence. These are all ways to appear confident, but what about feeling it? These three essential confidence boosting tips will give you direction on how to show up and be the star you’re meant to be. Find out how you can command center stage and not let stage-fright steal your spotlight.

Be Your Own Validation

People may find it hard to believe you’re the best at what you do if you don’t believe it. You can waste much of your precious time relying on others to define your worth. But measuring yourself by someone else’s standards can hinder your potential.

You give your power away when you act based on how others view you. Some individuals will always have their opinions on your actions, but it’s important to set your own standards. It’s less likely you’ll look to others to determine what is acceptable or not.

It takes practice to become your own counsel. The first step is learning what your limitations are. You’ll develop less of a need for external validation when you can take responsibility for your capabilities or lack of. Learning what formula works best for your talents, abilities, or resources can help you use them with confidence.


You are the only expert on being you. Self-acceptance is a one-man job. The more you practice it; it’s unlikely you’ll put yourself in situations where you’d look to others for validation. Besides, why wait for someone else’s approval to be yourself?

Get the Word “Can’t” Out of Your Vocabulary

The word “can’t” is the number one confident killer. If you say you can’t do something, possibilities are, you won’t. It’s a negative command that prevents you from achieving. It’s difficult to expect a positive outcome when you’re not invested in receiving one.

The dialogue you have with yourself plays a huge role in building your confidence. You can set yourself up for success or failure with a few chosen words. Practice replacing the phrase, “I can’t” with, “I will try“, “I am able“, or “I’m capable”.


Maintaining a positive inner dialogue takes some effort if you’re out of practice, but the benefits are worth it. Don’t continue to miss out on opportunities because you feel you lack the confidence to entertain them. When you say you can’t do something, you’re programming yourself to disengage participation.

Try to create a healthy mental environment that’s productive to your self-development. Surround yourself with open-minded individuals. These types often have fuller life-experiences because they don’t let limited-thinking deter them.

Worry and anxiety are also confidence killers. Refuse to let these emotions keep you from your desires. Know you can do what you set your mind to. Be persistent. Believe you deserve it.

Never Sell Yourself Short

Each person has something unique to offer, but that doesn’t make them superior to another. It is possible to stand next to the most accomplished individuals and not feel intimidated if you value your own worth. Furthermore, you don’t know what others might have done or gone through to get where they are. It’s important to find value in your own journey.


Low self-esteem comes from a lack of self-value. By acknowledging you aren’t good enough or have nothing useful to offer, you may block yourself from receiving good things. Especially if you closely identify with the parts of yourself you feel are lacking. It’s crucial to break away from such thoughts, which undermines your ability to recognize your value. Sometimes your attention gives validation to things you may not wish to.

Reflect on your achievements often. It will remind you of how far you’ve come. No matter how small or large, each was an opportunity to expand your experience. Some individuals may find value in your experiences, which could make all the difference in theirs. Appreciate what you bring to the table because it’s special.

Overall, confidence is the ability to feel comfortable doing something. The secret is, you can do anything without feeling confident. If you believe you can do something, do it. Often, what stops people in their tracks is when they or others question their abilities.

Your shortcomings don’t define you; your efforts to overcome them do. When you are sure of your efforts, you’d feel comfortable in most situations, and more so, your own skin.

What makes you feel confident?

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