Hi, my name is Kim, the creator of the Knowledge, Inspiration & Motivation blog. I am here to help you overcome obstacles that stand between you and personal greatness.

My goal is to keep you inspired and focused on your journey

The K.I.M. Blog offers you:

  • Tools to build your self-development, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Guidance to overcome challenges that hinders your success and happiness
  • Encouragement to help you achieve your goals

My Story

I know how easy it is to get discouraged in life. On many occasions, I’ve struggled to get through difficult times. I’ve spent a great deal of time feeling stuck because I didn’t have the motivation I needed to keep me aligned with my goals.

Tired of feeling tired and frustrated, I decide to dedicate my time and energy to find practical measures and practices I could invest towards improving my quality of life, as well as others.

During the past 2 decades, I have researched and participated in several workshops and courses related subjects such as self-transformation, interpersonal communications, psychology, stress-management and astrology. I’ve also obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications.

I do understand how hard it is to stay motivated when you simply don’t feel it. I want to share with you the knowledge, inspiration, and motivation I have discovered, which has helped me on my journey, hoping to make yours easier. Remember, your accomplishments don’t define you, your efforts in obtaining them do.

The K.I.M. blog is here to encourage you to keep going and do your best. Your greatness deserves nothing less.

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