12 Ways to Find Love by Zodiac Sign

February 14th, 2022

by Kim Myles


If you are an Aries looking for love, please understand that patience is a virtue, not an illness. People born under this sign rush head first into love, as with many things. Most typically approach the object of their desire with directness and courage.

They want what they want, like yesterday. Being practical in matters of the heart may help Aries avoid rash decisions they often later regret. Aries must learn that the most convenient option isn’t always the best.

These individuals would find compatibility with a mate who understands the term “backseat driver” was created by them. They have minor issue taking the lead in romance. Aries has to learn to enjoy the process of love, and not view it as something they must conquer. All they want is a partner who’d sit back and enjoy the ride with them. If an Aries will take directions from their mate every now and again so they’d avoid mishaps, or running on empty, it’s a match made in heaven.


Taurus people are firm in what they expect from life. This also extends to their love lives as well. It is difficult for a Taurus to let love occur without prodding it along. They are creatures of comfort. Change isn’t something they welcome with ease. A suitable mate is one who understands a Taurean’s need for consistency and stability.

Individuals born under this sign can be possessive. They should keep in mind this quality doesn’t bode well for their personal relationships.


Taurus needs to learn how to exercise flexibility in matters of the heart. Otherwise, their partners may feel like they’re dating a vise-grip. They’re tough on the outside, but have soft interiors. Taurus feels at ease in partnerships where they enjoy the best life offers, but don’t have to fight tooth and nail to get it.


Communication is important to a Gemini. Any potential partner of one should possess the ability to answer a question with over two words, at least. They get bored because they’re easily distracted. Geminis have many interests. People born under this sign should look for partners who have activities and goals of their own, or at least show some interest in theirs.   

Geminis like to move around. Whether it’s running, walking, jet skiing, skating, or flying in a plane, whatever, they hardly sit still. They need space from those they love every now and again. Clingy individuals may be a turnoff. Best matches are those that can keep up, but also are there to rub Gemini’s aching feet because they are always running circles around others.   


Cancers are the home-bodies and family-lovers of the zodiac. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy having fun & romance too. A partner whom Cancer clinches would understand fun & romance includes dinner dates with Cancer’s mother or attending the parties of their relatives. Family and/or home life play important roles in Cancer’s life. 

Cancers are sensitive to the vibes of others. They get emotional over what they consider dear to their hearts. Hasty or inconsiderate partners may not match well with Cancer’s sympathetic natures. The key to a successful relationship is for Cancer’s having their needs nurtured as well as they do for others.


Leos are generous with love. They also appreciate the reciprocation of it in big ways. A partner who will lavish Leo with appreciation and praise is likely to make them purr. They would also have a minor issue with their Leo’s adoration of the spotlight. It’s important for those born under this sign to keep in mind that sharing leadership roles adds depth to their relationships.

Loyalty is important to Leos. They should invest in a partner who exhibits this quality in action. It can be a huge letdown for them if they find out the love of their life isn’t worthy of the pedestal they put them on. Or that they didn’t worship the ground Leo walked on.

Partners who are self-centered or self-absorb aren’t able to anticipate a Leo’s needs. Relationships that offers Leo the opportunity to be the best version of themselves, and the encouragement when they’re not is a good fit.



The key to finding love for a Virgo is for them not to overthink it. Love is to be experienced, not analyzed. Worrying about the end results could ruin getting to know a person. People born under this sign have the powerful urge to improve anyone or thing they come in contact with. They mesh well with a partner who is creative enough to distract them from the continuous state of disarray they perceive the world to be in.

Virgos are the perfectionist of all zodiac signs. This quality extends to their love lives, too. If Virgos could understand there is no such thing as the perfect anything, bliss would be theirs. Although, their standard for quality is admirable.

A relationship where Virgo has confidence in their partner’s ability to fend for themselves, so they can be a mate, not a caretaker, and is also not above asking for Virgo’s input when needed, is perfect for them.


Libras are naturally attractive to others. They are the charmers and social butterflies of the zodiac. Most don’t have a hard time finding love. Often, the problem they encounter is attracting partners who’s right for them. Many individuals try to take advantage of a Libra’s beauty, grace, or charm.


If most could make up their minds about exactly what they want in a mate, they could focus on attracting it. Pushy or aggressive types make Libras uncomfortable. Although some Libras could be pushy too, if their other half doesn’t offer the attention they’re used to receiving.

People who are open-minded, but passionate, are a good pairing for this sign. For peace to exist, some must note that having an open-minded partner is not the same as having an open-relationship.


Scorpios are cautious in love. Getting one to open up is like trying to open a locked safe with a toothpick. For one to feel comfortable in love, they must learn to trust it first. They should seek mates who are confident and makes Scorpio feel secure in the partnership.

Most born under this sign know what they want and don’t from love. In order for it to flow more easily into a Scorpio’s life, they have to let go of the need to control it. These individuals should seek partners who are open, loyal, and loving.

Under their secretive natures, Scorpios are deeply emotional people. Impulsive or controlling individuals are not tolerable. Most Scorpios would never admit to a weakness. They are likely to find happiness with a sensitive, but consistent partner who could help them open up to the brighter sides of love and life.  


Sagittarius enjoys experiencing life. The freedom lovers of the zodiac deserve a mate who has personality, or at the very least, isn’t allergic to people. They need someone fun to take along on their adventures. Those born under this sign have multiple pots going at the same time. If their partner could help them, keep their pots from burning, that’s a plus.


These individuals may have to be reminded that each partner has a responsibility to be considerate of the other’s needs. A Sagittarius can benefit from their relationship when they are friends with their mate, too.

Self-growth and individualism are important to them. A mate who could make them laugh till they’re in tears, and has a sense of humor when Sagittarius comes to them frequently to nurse their wounds after they barely escaped from a scene-out-of-an-action-movie situation, is a partner for life.


Capricorns are the grownups of the zodiac, no matter the age. Rarely will you find them making a fool of themselves for love. Nor do they like people to make fools of them. Partners who are responsible and goal-orientated are attractive. Relationships with those people who are unreliable or hard to pin down could be disastrous.

They should give themselves more credit in love. Most Capricorns have what it takes to make a relationship successful, but many let their fears and insecurities impede happiness.

They can safely fall in love with the individual who could protect them from the sum of all their fears, which they prepare for each day, in their minds. When those born under this sign find such a mate, they might retire the iron fist they rule over their lives with, and others too.


Aquarians spend a lot of time in the mental realms. Their view of the world is one that many aren’t privy to. The ideal mate for an Aquarius doesn’t have to be a mental-heavy weight, but being broad-minded is helpful. People who are adventurous or creative are stimulating to an Aquarian.


They aren’t clingy types, so a relationship that gives them space to explore the countless possibilities which exist in the universe will help to keep them earthbound. Traditional is not a word most individuals with this sign would use to describe their partnerships. They want love, marriage, a home, and children like most, but not necessarily in that order.

Whether alone or in a relationship, they walk to the beat of their own drum. Aquarius people are often quirky or unique. Their perfect mate wouldn’t blink twice when Aquarius says the best way for them to get smoother skin is to position their bed by the window during winter months, facing north, in order to catch the rays from the full moon.   


Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac. They bring this quality to their partnerships too. The key to love is for them is to seek partners who help to bring balance and clarity into their lives. These individuals often live for the moment. Without a direction in love, some may lose themselves in it.

Boundaries in relationship are also important for a Pisces. They need them to keep from going too far off in the deep ends of love. Pisceans can be selfless toward their partners. People born under this sign should avoid individuals who take advantage of their empathic natures.

It’s imperative they look for relationships that include equal give and take. A mate who will help to keep them grounded while they pursue their wildest dreams is a Pisces’ best match for love.

What sign(s) are you most compatible with?

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