5 Ways to Improve Your Relationships

January 31st, 2022

by Kim Myles

1. Communicate

Life can be demanding. It’s important to make time for things that matter in our lives, like relationships. Communication is the foundation for any healthy relationship. The success or failure of one depends on it.

When there is a lack of communication between partners, it could breed separation or discontent. Without it, it’s also not possible to uncover issues which might affect the partnership or how to solve them.

Some people shut down when they’re upset or choose to communicate in anger. It is crucial to learn how to communicate negative emotions in positive ways. Step back if you need to regroup, but try to keep the doors of communication open.

Keep in mind, every conversation doesn’t have to be triggering. Small talk is communication as well. Just let your other half know you’re willing to listen, as well as respond to their feelings, too.

2. Respect Personal Space

Everyone needs time alone once in a while. Spending time with your partner is essential, but the key is to balance togetherness. You are both individuals who have different personal needs and wants. And your partner can’t fulfill them all.

There are things we have to do on our own. To pursue certain goals or a purpose, space from a mate might be necessary. Encourage your partner to pursue their own interests, as they should support you in doing the same. Respecting each other’s personal space shows you both appreciate the other’s individuality.


Spending too much time together may cause boredom or frustration. If this is a problem, agree on a day of the week where you both could do your own thing or try spending a few hours out of the day away from each other. The point is not to get away from the person you love, but to get closer to them by taking time out for yourself.

3. Play Nice

Misery loves company. It’s difficult to improve your relationship if you are not a very pleasant person to be around. Be personable, but that doesn’t mean you have to pretend you’re feeling good when you’re not. It means not to take it out on your mate.

Your attitudes affect your relationships. A poor attitude equals poor relationships. If you are in a bad mood most of the time, don’t expect your partner to appreciate this trait. Consider making adjustments if it’s causing strife within your partnership.

For example, every thought that comes to mind does not have to be spoken out loud. Be mindful of your tone when speaking. Avoid confrontation by not discussing sensitive subjects if you are in a bad mood. Focus on the things you appreciate about your partner. Lastly, if you want love, be loving.

4. Find Common Interests

Your partner may be a sports fan, and you’re a history fanatic. This doesn’t mean you both can’t find any common ground. Relationships are about meeting in the middle. Look for opportunities to engage in activities you both could bond over.


Although you may not like sports, why not educate yourself on the history of the game your mate likes and share it with them? Taking a genuine interest shows your support of theirs. Whether it’s listening or learning about a subject they’re into.

“Your partner should recognize your feelings for something and be supportive. “It’s not specifically about the activities themselves, it’s about whether or not your partner understands the importance of what a specific activity means to you,” she says. In short, they should enjoy doing it because they know it means a lot to you.”


5. Simply Ask

The best way to progress your relationship is to go straight to the source. Don’t assume to know what’s on your other half’s mind. If you ask, of course, hear the answer. Listen objectively to what your partner has to say. Improving your relationship means having an open dialogue about what works or doesn’t for either party. 

Once you both understand what’s needed, work on it. Change doesn’t occur overnight, but don’t give up if you value the partnership. Showing consistent effort demonstrates you can take constructive advice and apply it to change your relationship for the better.

What are some areas in your relationships that need improving?

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