4 Ways to Improve Your Life With Astrology

September 6th, 2021

by Kim Myles


Kings and Queens Wished Upon the Stars too

Many prominent figures might have ruled over mighty kingdoms, but all weren’t the dictators of their own lives. They refused to take important actions unless they consulted the stars first.

Some royals planned their coronations and weddings based on astrology. They even started wars, according to the positions of the stars!

Did you know Queen Elizabeth I had an astrologer? Her reign might have turned out differently if she hadn’t followed his advice, too. The royal court changed Elizabeth’s original coronation date several times. It was her astrologer who picked the date she decided on. He said the planetary positions were more favorable than the others. He felt she wouldn’t reign with longevity had she kept them. Following the advice of her astrologer, Queen Elizabeth’s I rulership lasted over 45 years.


President Ronald Reagan and his wife also had a personal astrologer during his time in office.

There are many important individuals who’ve used astrology to help guide them in their successes. Who knows? If it wasn’t for astrology, we might not have known about some of them. It played a major role in appointing Queen Elizabeth I to her position. If astrology is fit for the makings of royalty, imagine the difference it can make in your life.

Your Sun Sign Gives You Superpowers

Your Sun sign can provide information about innate qualities you possess. You’ve had access to these qualities since the moment you were born. Think of them as your unique superpowers. These are superpowers you can use for things like overcoming personal challenges, achieving success, and improving your quality of life.


Sun Sign Key Qualities:

  • Aries- Pioneering & Assertive
  • Taurus- Practical & Stubborn
  • Gemini- Logical & Flexible
  • Cancer- Sympathetic & Protective
  • Leo- Generosity & Loyalty
  • Virgo- Analytical & Discrimination
  • Libra- Harmony & Balance
  • Scorpio- Transformative & Intense
  • Sagittarius- Philosophical & Expansive
  • Capricorn- Discipline & Structure
  • Aquarius- Unconventional & Rebellious
  • Pisces- Empathy & Creativity

For example, Scorpio Suns possess the quality of intense focus. These individuals can overcome difficult obstacles better than most because of their depth of commitment. A person with Aries Sun is likely to find success if they apply their power of assertion towards pursuing life goals. Not much can stand in the way when they do. Individuals with Virgo Sun may use their analytical gifts to focus on finer details needed to improve their quality of life and those around them.


Each Sun Sign has unique qualities. Same Sun Sign individuals will share an affinity with their sign’s qualities that other signs don’t. We have access to them all, but certain qualities are more influential when you are born under a particular Sun sign.

Can’t We All Get Along?


Astrology not only explains traits you possess; it can help you understand others as well. Even if you don’t understand astrology, it doesn’t negate planetary influence. We might not all speak the same languages, share the same cultures, but we’re all born at a place and time which corresponds with planetary influences. By studying the positions of another individual’s planets, it may offer some valuable insight into their personality.

The planets are identifiable by their attributes. For instance, some of Mercury’s; ruler of Gemini, are logic and agility. It also governs communications, travel, early education, etc. Mercury’s description might lend some explanation to why your Gemini Sun partner is talkative or may have an aversion to sitting still for long. Cancer’s ruler (Moon) represents our emotions, moods, and nurturing side. It can help us understand why Cancer Sun individuals are more emotional and sympathetic than some.

Show Me the Money


Some people do what they love for a living. They are the minority. Most individuals are unfulfilled in their career choices. Vocational Astrology could be useful for this group. Vocational Astrology is a popular branch of astrology that can help a person identify specific vocations or careers which they may find fulfillment. The information is based on a person’s birth chart.

“By looking at the planets, you can discover which qualities will help you choose work that carries a sense of satisfaction and meaning for you.”

Take Control With Astrology by Liza Tenzin-Dolma

Morin de Villefranche, official astrologer to the courts of Louis XII and XIV, great astrology theorist, believed that certain planetary placement in a person’s birth chart would give predilections to specific careers. For instance, groups “with a strong Saturn, would easily qualify one to be a theologian, sculptor, or mining engineer. With a strong Moon, we are to consider being queens, princesses, hunters, and/or the common people!”

Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology by Noel Tyl

Taking steps towards self-transformation can seem like a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be. There’s no one size fits all for personal development, but astrology does offers a personalized approach if you are seeking to unlock your higher potential.

There many branches of astrology which explore various areas of the human experience. If you are trying to understand your position in the world, improve your finances, or interpersonal skills, it can be an invaluable tool. Historically, most civilizations on earth have used the stars as their guides. Even in today’s world, its usefulness continues to stand the test of longevity.









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